BetterYou Vitamin B12 Daily Oral Spray (25ml)


B12 Boost is a highly effective and completely natural daily oral spray to help increase daily energy and concentration levels.


B12 Boost is a highly effective and completely natural daily oral spray to help increase daily energy and concentration levels.

Containing an optimum level of vitamin B12 together with Chromium and Green Tea extract, the combination is delivered orally under the tongue, quickly entering the bloodstream for the ultimate in bio-availability and convenience.

Delivering 1,200mcg of vitamin B12 per dose, the bottle lasts an impressive 40 days when used in accordance with recommended daily dosage. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, feeling increasingly tired or for those who travel often.

Also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Natural apricot flavour.

In this B12 Boost spray, the active B12 ingredient is methylcobalamin – the most bio-available form of B12, and the most active in the human metabolism.

Water, Xylitol, Natural Apricot Flavour, Citric Acid, Methylcobalamin (B12), Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract, Chromium Chloride.

25ml Spray – Contains 160 measured sprays
Each dose (4 sprays) contains
Ingredient Content
Vitamin B12 1200mcg
Chromium 40mcg
Green Tea Extract 0.5mg

Usage: Take 4 sprays daily under the tongue or as advised by your health care specialist (pack contains 160 sprays – so 40 days use).

Health benefits of B12

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in helping your body produce red blood cells.
Low vitamin B12 levels cause a reduction in red blood cell formation and prevent them from developing properly. When you have anaemia, your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to your vital organs. This can cause symptoms like fatigue and weakness.

B12 may benefit your brain by preventing the loss of neurons. Vitamin B12 deficiency has been associated with memory loss, especially in older adults.

Supplementing with B12 may give you an energy boost. All B vitamins play an important role in your body’s energy production, though they don’t necessarily provide energy themselves. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that vitamin B12 supplements can boost energy in those with sufficient levels of this vitamin. On the other hand, if you’re significantly deficient in vitamin B12, taking a supplement or increasing your intake will likely improve your energy level. In fact, one of the most common early signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is fatigue or lack of energy.

Risk factors for vitamin B12 deficiency include a decreased ability to absorb this vitamin due to low hydrochloric acid secretion, certain medications, or gastrointestinal disease and surgeries. People who are vegan are also at risk since B12 is primarily found in animal products.

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