Together Curcumin 30 Caps


Finest whole turmeric powder

Potent standardised extract of 95% curcumin

Full spectrum antioxidant formula

Standardised extract of black pepper, providing 95% piperine


Turmeric is the powdered root of the Curcuma longa plant. Turmeric has many beneficial plant compounds, including a group of polyphenol plant pigments called curcuminoids. One of these curcuminoids is curcumin, which is responsible for turmeric’s unique colour and proven to have many health benefits of its own when extracted from turmeric.

We’ve formulated our Curcumin & Turmeric Complex to maximise all the benefits turmeric has to offer, combining pure turmeric with a 95% extract of curcumin. The result is a complete, full-spectrum, antioxidant formula with all the important compounds found in the whole turmeric, together with a concentrated amount of curcumin.

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Weight .100 kg


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